Jan 22 2020 3:31am PST


Founder: eirinaki Macias

Sandonrini island a beautiful mountain resort/club. Place to hang out with your loved ones and friends. Beautiful soaring Mountains, with water moving under your feet ,as you move your body to the beat of the music in the club. Come join us friends, at this beautiful club.
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maiknikolai Athina Member of **Santorin
spyros Eros **Sant-vip**
Fl0ga37 Athina Member of **Santorin
SecretPrincE Axileus Member of **Santorin
Deosil Darkfold Member of **Santorin
kylie Eros Member of **Santorin
eirinaki Macias Owner of **Santorini**
mona Lovelace Member of **Santorin
HG Member of **Santorin
chris Athina Member of **Santorin
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HG URl: grid-greeklife.info:8002